Blogilates Shopping List (with quantities): Week Two!


Here’s your itemized shopping list for Week Two! Casey left out two items this week: spinach, egg whites. You should have some leftovers from ingredients we bought last week, which I’ve also indicated below.

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Blogilates #8weekhotbody Shopping List: Week 1


Hey fellow challengers! Cassey’s #8weekhotbody challenge starts in just two days and I know a bunch of you are hitting the food stores to do your shopping this weekend.

Cassey did a great job with her shopping list, but I found it to be a little lacking that quantities were not specified and one ingredient was left off completely. :-/

So, to ensure you have exactly what you need, I’ve written up everything you need to get through the Week One’s yummy recipes!

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Best App for online shoppers


It’s just two days after Cyber Monday and I still find myself poking around online looking for deals and steals. If you are like me and love shopping online, then you are going to flip for this great little app I’ve found. It’s called MyPackage (not the best name, I know) and it’s totally free.

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Take the Holidays back!


It’s officially the holiday season. More often than not, I find myself rolling my eyes at the masses of people stressing out over all of the things that have turned this season into everything it’s not supposed to be. I have a very untraditional outlook on Christmas and the reaction I get when I tell people is usually shock. But, after given the opportunity to explain myself, they usually end up coming around. But, that’s not even the point. I celebrate the holidays like **I** want to and even though it sounds selfish, I promise you it’s the most selfless thing you’ll do all year.

In a nutshell, I think you should “age out” of Christmas at 12. I know, I know….What?! I told you…shocking at first. But, hear me out.

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Notions Sale at Hancock Fabrics


Just a few more hours left for the huge notions sale at Hancock! It’s a great time to stock up on common items like zippers, needles, bias tape, and thread. And, of course, I couldn’t resist the Clearance Fabric tables. Here’s everything I got for Just $100!

How to shop beauty like a BAWS


If you aren’t shopping for beauty products like skincare, makeup, and haircare online…you’re missing out big time. Free gifts with purchase, free samples, free, free, free stuff!

Sure, you can hop in your car, drive to the store, hope they have the free gifts in stock, and shamelessly ask for samples at checkout. But, what is beautiful about that?

Instead, shop in your pj’s, add and delete things from your cart until you get the perfect mix of things you want, things you need, and things that you’ll try because they are completely free. 

Such is the case with Ulta

Yesterday I got an email announcing a free samples bag worth $75 with a $50 purchase. Think it’s hard to spend $50 at Ulta?..try again. I needed a new BB cream, wanted a new highlighting blush, and before I knew it, I had a basket totalling $50.99.

In addition to my two products I added, I’ll be getting 13 goodies in the sample bag, a free gift with purchase, and a three piece deluxe sample pack of skincare. Here’s the breakdown…

What’s in the free beauty bag? Ulta doesn’t actually list out the products you’ll get, but there is this promotional photo which shows…

Stila shadow palette, Catwalk Session Series dry shampoo, Acqua di Gio fragrance, Murad eye cream, Ahava mud mask or body cream, Aveno Smart Essentials moisturizer with SPF, Bvlgari fragrance, Bare Minerals Prime Time face primer, Body Shop make-up remover, Pacifica Coconut Pearls cream, Ojon conditioner, Ojon hair oil, Viva la Juicy fragrance…all packaged in a great little bag. 

In my basket went Stila’s All Day 10-in-1 Illuminating BB Cream and L’Oreal Visible Lift Blush in Rose Gold (can you tell I’m working on the perfect summer glow?). 

With any $25 Stila purchase, you get a free gift. I got the Prime Pot eyelid primer. Alternative to Urban Decay primer potion, possibly?!

And, upon checkout I got to choose an additional sample pack — 3 fragrances, 3 skincare, or a variety pack. I nabbed the skincare samples, naturally. 

Here’s the proof. 19 products (albeit mostly samples) for $55 including tax. Oh, did I mention free shipping? It’s Ulta’s policy with purchases over $25. The beauty bag offer expires on Saturday, July 27th, FYI.

Arguments can be made that shopping in person is better — especially when trying new things that need to be color-matched to your skin tone. I do really hope I like the BB cream, since that’s really the only thing I truly needed. And, it could be the wrong color for me. But, BB cream is very forgiving in the color department since it really does blend so well and meant to be lighter coverage. But, if it doesn’t I’ll be at the store to return and swatch some alternatives in person…and still keep the freebies!

In the end, the risk is worth it to me, though, because I love to try new things. I am so fickle that by the time the sample is out, I’m ready to move on to something new. So, this will be a fun little adventure for me. I’ll be sure to document it here and on YouTube — first impressions galore! 

Do you shop for beauty online or prefer playing in person even if you can’t cash in on all the extra goodies?