First Impression: Plated Food Delivery Subscription


I got my first Plated box yesterday and I couldn’t wait to dig in!

First, what the heck is Plated? I hadn’t heard of it before, either. But, I got sent a promo for two free meals and couldn’t resist trying it.

Basically it’s a box of fresh groceries that is delivered to your door based on a pre-determined delivery schedule and serving size. The ingredients themselves are fresh, antibiotic/hormone free meats, sustainable sea food, and local whenever possible. The recipes are designed by actual chefs. Literally, all you need is to pick your delivery schedule, specify the number of servings you need, decide your menu, and very, very basic cooking skills…they do the rest.

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1st Impression: McCormick Gourmet Recipe and Seasoning Mix


So, I’m starting a new series inspired by some of my favorite makeup blogs and vlogs. ItsJudyTime does the most wonderful YouTube videos where she tests out a product for the first time. It gives viewers a unique look into what it is like to use that product…for the first time The first impression of any product often yields the more honest opinions since the expectations have yet to be set. Where I’m not totally adventurous in trying new products from the beauty aisle, I am always trying new things from the food store.

For my inaugural post, I’m testing out McCormick’s Gourmet Recipe and Seasoning Mix. It is exactly what it says it is…a mix of different spices and seasonings combined with a unique recipe.

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Biggest Bestie Beauty Bonanza Blowout Buying Sesh!


One of my most beautiful girlfriends, Jessica, came in town to visit this weekend. She has flawless make up and really fun hairstyles all the time. Needless to say, she brings out the girly girl in me and introduces me to so many new and exciting beauty products. 

We went shopping on Wednesday without a list (danger, I know) and came home with some fantastic products that I’m loving. 

First, Victoria’s Secret is offering 75% a ton of their beauty stuff. I got a lip gloss for $3 and two lotions for $4 each. One of which has a slight tint to it with a subtle sparkle making my legs look flawless for date night!

[VS Hydrating Body Lotion in Starlit Wish. Smells insanely good!]

[VS Tinted Shimmer Lotion in Amber Romance]

[VS Color Lust Lip Lacquer second from left]

Next, I’ve been dying to try some BB Creams. I’ve watched a lot of reviews about the drug store options on YouTube, but haven’t been compelled to invest in my own. We dropped into Ulta though and asked the rep to test her favs out on me.

Tarte BB Cream on the far right.

[Tarte BB Cream on the far right]

I ended up with Tarte BB Cream in Medium. I have oily skin and get so annoyed when I leave the house with a perfectly set face only to have the oils start coming out before lunch time. I prefer light coverage, too, so I need something that will combat the oil, while keeping me looking natural. Tarte’s BB Cream has such an interesting feel to it…almost like powder. It covers great and is even buildable for a special night out. I don’t need to set with powder and it has an SPF of 30 saving me so many steps in the morning.

I also got some Wella Shampoo per Jessica’s recommendation. I got he “Enrich” formula that’s made for coarse hair and smells sooooo good!

[Wella Enrich Shampoo for Coarse Hair]

I used it the other night and added some Josie Maran Argon Oil that I got in my January Glam Bag.

[Josie Maran 100% Pure Argon Oil on the far right]

Without putting a flat iron through my hair, my ends looks so much smoother and silky. It was quite amazing. I’m sure that has more to do with the Argon Oil, but the Wella provided a nice foundation for the oils to absorb. Both products are going to be a regular part of my routine now.

Jessica also brought me some Mary Kay face cleansing products — face wash, moisturizer, day cream, night cream, and eye cream.

[Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser, age-fighting moisturizer, night solution, day solution. Not pictured: age-fighting eye cream]

I’ve started using all of them at night and I can tell a huge difference when I wake up in the morning. I look more awake and need less under eye concealer. The few zits I did have are all cleared up and my skin feels tighter and softer. Loving them especially cause they were a gift = free!

Finally, Jessica had gotten a tube of the Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara.

[Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara third from the left]

Needless to say she didn’t like how clumpy it was. So, she tossed it in my trash. I couldn’t let her just throw it away though knowing how expensive it was, so I grabbed it and promised myself I’d do it due diligence and try to get it to work for me or at least talk to someone at the Lancome counter about how to use it. Primer? Comb? Something’s gotta make it work cause so many people swear by it. 

I posted a picture to Instagram where I used the mascara. It definitely lengthens, but I’m not so sure about separating. And, the clumps were a pain to manage. 

Needless to say, I had a blast getting beautified with my bestie. 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your best friend? 

Review: Headband Curls


You may have seen the no-heat way of getting voluminous, lovely curls overnight by using a good ole headband. Here they are on Pinterest

…and on YouTube.

I decided I would give it a try one night when I knew I had no where to go in the morning…(just in case!). I would say I followed the YouTube instructions more so than the Pinterest infographic. Here’s how it went…

Got the curls in my headband!

The next morning! Eek!!

Right after taking out the headband. Meh.

I ended up having a weird halo of frizz around all of the curls. I had to whip out my curling iron and recurl the frizz so it blended more with the curls underneath. This step, to me, defeats the whole purpose of Headband Curls since it requires effort in the morning and applying heat to your hair. But, after some restyling…

I had a pretty head of curls I was actually happy with. 

**PS: I also had some lovely indentions on my forehead from where the headband rested all night. It took hours for them to fade away. Not cute.**

And, by the end of the day…

They were gone. Boo. 

All in all the process of putting the curls in the head band was super easy. I didn’t twist them before putting them in like Pinterest suggests, so maybe that would help with the frizz. But, the amount of effort that went in to getting the curls like I liked them in the morning was equivalent to the effort that I’d put into creating curls from the beginning with my curling iron. So, in that respect, this is not worth it to me. Especially since heat-set curls actually last the whole day and don’t fall out after a few hours. 

But, you know me. I’ll give this a go with a few tweaks to test out alternative methods. First, I’ll try twisting. I also might try adding product like spray gel, hairspray, or an anti-frizz serum before putting the hair in the headband. 

Do you have any ideas as to how to get them to come out smooth like Pinterest and last all day?

DIY Beauty Treatments reviewed


With all this free time on my hands from the holiday, I got a little antsy. OK…I got down right crazy. I decided I would do a whole home-made beauty thing and dove in head first…almost literally. 

First up, was a hair treatment that was supposed to improve shine, increase moisture and volume, and speed up hair growth. It involved mixing up egg yolks with olive oil and water and saturating my hair with it. Ga-ross! It was a huge mess and smelled so freaking bad. I had to wrap my hair in a plastic bag and wait 20 whole minutes. I could barely stand myself. But, sometimes we do crazy things in the name of beauty. Well, that notion quickly died when I washed my hair and styled it. Barely a change. If anything, I noticed some extra bounce, but that was about it. I won’t be doing this again anytime soon, but I did see something about how mayonnaise was a great home treatment.


Mostly to take my mind off the stench coming from the top of my head, I decided a nice face scrub was in order. Pinterest swore this would leave my skin looking like I’d just spent hundreds on a profesh microdermabrasion. Heh. All it consisted of was mixing up some baking soda and water and rubbing that on my face in small circles. Easy enough…until it started to burn. Yup, burn – Nothing tortuous, just very uncomfortable. As the burning subsided, (that was a good thing, right?) itching took over. You’re supposed to keep the mixture on your face for five minutes. I might have lasted three. I couldn’t jump in the shower to rinse my face (and wash my hair) fast enough. The result? Irritated skin around my jaw line and the same dullness…no fooling any microdermabrasion administrators for me. I will say though that my skin did feel pretty soft and supple after moisturizing. I’ll probably try this again…just because I like to torture myself. 

Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner Review


Remember the sample bag that Target sent me? 

Yup. That one. I already reviewed the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer and I was able to try out another fantastic product…the Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I’m actually not a stranger to the Fekkai brand. I swore by their curl cream back when I was in college. But, I stopped styling my hair that way and lost touch with the brand. I’ve seen them from time to time in the aisles of Target or Walmart, but couldn’t fathom spending that much on shampoo. In fact, I admit, I don’t treat my hair very well in that regard at all. So, when I saw the sample, I couldn’t wait to see what all the hype…and the price tag was all about.

Let’s start with the shampoo. There are really two things I look for in a shampoo. One is it must smell good and the other is that it must lather up like nobody’s business. I know that neither of these are indicators that the ‘poo (can we call it that?) is any good for my hair as even the cheapest of ‘poos fall into both of these categories. But, those are my rules. 

The Fekkai Glossing ‘poo does smell good, but in a faint sort of way. It’s not one of those scents that fills the shower. It’s not perfumey. It just smells nice. The formula was actually kind of weird. It was thick. I had to check the package over and over again to make sure I had opened the shampoo and not the conditioner by mistake. It was that thick. Like pancake batter thick. I wondered how it would lather up. It didn’t really. I had to really coax it to get any sort of lather adding more water to help it along. That was a bummer.

If I was confused by the viscosity of the ‘poo, the ‘ditioner was worse. Unlike the shampoo, it was really runny. But, it did leave my hair feeling silky and smooth so that was nice.

The Glossing formula claims to give your hair a gorgeous shine. The shampoo and conditioner smooth and moisturize your hair without weighing it down. I can’t really imagine that anyone would be able to get a good handle on weather or not this is actually the case after one treatment. I know I couldn’t. Both the ‘poo and the ‘ditioner are “infused with pure olive oil” which I know is a god send for dry hair so I’m guessing that over time this would actually improve the texture of your hair. I just couldn’t tell from the sample I was given. 

Now, for the real deal. Would I spend actual hard-earned cash on this? Probably not. They have a combo pack at Target that includes the Shampoo (4 oz), Conditioner (4 oz), and a Cream (2 oz; not included in my sample pack) for $25. I’m all for “designer” beauty products but this seems to give too little for too much. 

But, I want to know what you think. Have you used the Glossing line for an extended period of time? Or even just more than once? Did you think it was worth the price tag?


What’s Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara Review


October’s Glam Bag was themed around bringing out your inner Bombshell. There was a liquid liner (eek!), a red lip laquer, bright eye shadows, and a hair oil treatment. But, after playing around with all of them all month long, it’s easy for me to say what my favorite item was…the mascara. 

It’s by a brand called What’s Your Type? The style is called “The Body Builder.”

Pump up your lashes! Build colossal body with the biggest, boldest mascara to come from theBalm Cosmetics – What’s Your Type? in “the body builder”. This long-lasting, clump-free formula boasts a highly pigmented, deep black finish that won’t smudge or smear. Formulated with Vitamin E, Panthenol, and Bamboo, “the body builder” conditions and strengthens lashes to add length, thickness, and definition.

Everything they claim is true. Long-lasting? Yup. Clump-free. Absolutly. Adds length. You bet. But, the thing that I think I love the most about this mascara is the wand. 

You know a lot of research has gone into those teensy wands. You’ve probably seen a variety of shapes in your favorite brand. I never really bought into that chaulking it up as a gimmick. But, after using this one, I’m convinced that the wand is perhaps the most important thing in separating one mascara from another. 

Just look at that thing. The middle part just grabs every lash and pulls the formula through each one. The rounded end is perfect for getting those little lashes in the corner and bowing out the outer ones. 

Seriously, my lashes have never looked so good. I don’t even need my curler anymore. It’s $19 and worth every penny in my book. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to my “pink and green” ever again. (Kudos if you know what classic brand I’m talking about!)


P.S. I got this large size sample as part of my October Glam Bag from It’s a sampling program where you pay $10 a month to get sent large to full size samples in a stylish zipper bag each month. I’m a huge fan of the program and am always eager to see what’s coming next month! If you’re a beauty girl, I highly recommend it.

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