Prepping Blogilates #8weekhotbody Week 1


I don’t know about you, but I’m busy…and tired…and lazy (haha getting a sense of why I need this Meal Plan so badly?) and the thought of spending time in the kitchen during the work week is dreadful. So, I pre-planned the Week One meal by prepping what can be done ahead. I thought I’d share with you what I did so you can be ready, too!

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Frittata for one!


photo 3I needed to use up some eggs I had and could think of only one (sort a) healthy way to do that. Frittata! But, I don’t do well with portion control on my own, so I decided I wanted to make them individually sized (and freezable!).

photo 2

After scouring the internet (read: Googled for like two seconds) I came across this delicious recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod.

I followed the recipe exactly (loved the breakdown of the eggs: 5 whites, 2 whole) and the addition of the turkey sausage. I also threw in some roasted red peppers…just cause.

photo 4

And, after just 25 minutes (plus prep time) I have a great little breakfast or even dinner (with a fresh salad).

photo 5

Highly recommend this recipe for everyone! Enjoy!