Frittata for one!


photo 3I needed to use up some eggs I had and could think of only one (sort a) healthy way to do that. Frittata! But, I don’t do well with portion control on my own, so I decided I wanted to make them individually sized (and freezable!).

photo 2

After scouring the internet (read: Googled for like two seconds) I came across this delicious recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod.

I followed the recipe exactly (loved the breakdown of the eggs: 5 whites, 2 whole) and the addition of the turkey sausage. I also threw in some roasted red peppers…just cause.

photo 4

And, after just 25 minutes (plus prep time) I have a great little breakfast or even dinner (with a fresh salad).

photo 5

Highly recommend this recipe for everyone! Enjoy!

Styling Kelly Green Loafers


I went out to the outlets this weekend and bought the cutest Kelly Green Loafers from Nine West. I know these are going to be a staple this fall and wanted to put together some outfits to help you see how versatile these brightly colored flats can be.

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Designing my Alder Shirtdress by Grainline Studios


I was instantly drawn to the Alder Shirtdress as soon as it was released. I couldn’t get the chambray look out of my head though and I really did not want a chambray shirtdress (a little cliche at this point, I think…no offense). So, I took to my “clear my head and steal some design inspiration from the pros” site, Polyvore.

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Sewspiration: Faux Leather Skort




This skort is an exact dupe for Simplicity 1370. Don’t believe it can be that easy…look! The *only* think I would do is shorten it a bit. Maybe three inches or so. This skort hits the upper side of the mid-thigh while the pattern is truly mid-thigh. Test it out with some muslin so make sure everything is kosher on the back side. No leaky-cheeks, please!

And, because I want these project to be super simple for you, here’s the fabric you need. This faux leather is specifically made for apparel so the weight will be spot on.

Skort: Zara
Inspiration: Wendy’s Lookbook

Sewspiration: Quilted Leather A-line Skirt


Simple, classic and so (sew) chic!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.44.46 PM

This is a super easy design to replicate. It’s just an A-line skirt after all. (Note the details: waistband and hip zips) Quilted leather (the faux stuff) is pretty common online. I found it at for just $15/yard.

But, to make sure this stay classy and doesn’t look trashy, I wanted show you this pic, too:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 9.48.49 PM

You can really tell from this stock photo how exaggerated the A-line is. This is critical to keep it from looking too tight in the wrong places. It should be more of a bell where the apex is hanging from your hips.

This is what it should NOT look like, FYI.


Can you tell the difference?

Skirt: Sold out from TopShop, but available on eBay, natch.
Inspiration: Wendy’s Lookbook


Living Room Re-do


As a surprise to the boyf for renewing our lease I set out to finish our apartment. It was so overwhelming when we moved in because I was — yet again — downsizing. This place is just 560 square feet!

I know, right!

So, when we first moved in, the first priority was to organize and get everything to fit. But, after I did that, I just stopped designing. I had the itch to re-do a couple of months ago, but with our lease ending and no decision on what we would do, I put it off.

As soon as we renewed, I was ready and got to work right away on creating our new oasis.

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Sewspiration: Burberry Bow Belt



See that belt…It’s Burberry and sold for $450!

Burberry Prorsum Silk bow belt

Here’s a better look. 

Come on, people! It’s silk wrapped around an elastic waistband with a double layered bow cinched and tacked to the elastic.

Done and done!

Belt: Burberry
Inspiration: Polyvore