Who am I?


headshotHello, world!

My name is Lindsey and I’m thrilled that you’ve stumbled your way around and ended up at my blog! Isn’t the Internet wonderful in that way?

I live in Charleston, South Carolina — it ain’t bad! — and have grown up a southern gal my whole life. But, for one reason or another I’m not really all that “southern”. I don’t have an accent, I’m not a “Daddy’s girl”, and I’m really not all that sweet. But, that last one depends on who you ask.

That’s because I truly LOVE my friends and will stand by them no matter what!

Other things I love to death:

  • My CFL: Committed forever love
  • PBS — especially Julia Child’s shows
  • sewing
  • cooking Shows
  • Sonny, my maltese
  • YouTube
  • writing
  • movies
  • makeup
  • libraries
  • traveling
  • reality TV
  • love stories — real or fiction

You’ll see my passion for a lot of these things on this blog because I write about what I know. I love to learn new things. I don’t think that knowledge should be wasted just by keeping it to myself. So, I share what I know — or think I know — with all of you.

I couldn’t leave you without explaining the name of my blog.

Seventeen is a number that follows me everywhere. I open books to pages ending in 17, I press pause on the DVR at the :17 mark, I see that dang number all over the place. So, I’ve adopted it as MY number. Call it lucky, call it fateful, whatever…seventeen is mine!

I associate butterflies with beauty like everyone else. But, I also think of transformation. I was walking through the bookstore once and was drawn to the journal section for some reason. My eye was drawn to one of them. It was blue with white writing. The writing read:

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

It stopped me in my tracks that day and stuck with me ever since.

So, there you have it…17Butterflies!

I am really happy you stopped by. Check the side bar for my email signup. You can also check me out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. PS: I’m LindseyKnows everywhere.

What do you think?

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