First Impression: Plated Food Delivery Subscription


I got my first Plated box yesterday and I couldn’t wait to dig in!

First, what the heck is Plated? I hadn’t heard of it before, either. But, I got sent a promo for two free meals and couldn’t resist trying it.

Basically it’s a box of fresh groceries that is delivered to your door based on a pre-determined delivery schedule and serving size. The ingredients themselves are fresh, antibiotic/hormone free meats, sustainable sea food, and local whenever possible. The recipes are designed by actual chefs. Literally, all you need is to pick your delivery schedule, specify the number of servings you need, decide your menu, and very, very basic cooking skills…they do the rest.

So, when I heard the knock at my door yesterday, I was so excited to run and get my delivery to see exactly what it was all about.



When I opened the box, I saw that the cardboard was completely wrapped in a styrofoam type of product wrapped in plastic. All of the ingredients for each meal were bagged up individually, the meats were vacuum sealed, and there were two large ice packs (which I found out later are non-toxic and be dumped down the drain after defrosting! Score for the environment).


The recipe cards are larger than I thought they’d be. They will not fit in a traditional recipe book, but more suited for a 3-ring binder. They have helpful hints and photos for each step! That’ll be very helpful if you are a novice cook.

Tonight I made Lamb Kofta…a mediterranean dish I’d never heard of before, but found was similar to making meatballs. Each and every ingredient I needed to make the entire meal was individually wrapped inside the main meal baggie: veggies, meat, spices, herbs…everything!



I only needed to provide olive oil, salt and pepper which 99.9% of American households will have on hand. One lemon, one onion, pre-measured spice mix (which for this recipe included obscure spices that I would normally not have on-hand), an individual serving of yogurt, salad mix, mint & parsley, and pre-mixed lamb/beef.



The recipe card was super easy to follow even though I’d never made this meal before.


The yogurt was seasoned perfectly, the salad dressed perfectly, the lamb/beef cooked perfected, and the naan bread perfectly toasted thanks to the chefs very specific and accurate instructions. I followed the cooking times exactly and everything turned out exactly how they said it would…not normal for recipes.


I found the meal to be delicious!! Like seriously proud “I can’t believe I cooked this so easily” delicious. Also, it felt like I was feeding my body well with super fresh ingredients. I love a meal that incorporates a salad. It seems less salad-y in my mind. 🙂

All in all, I’m super excited about my upcoming Plated meals. I have two more that came in this box, and every other week from now I’ll get two more meals shipped right to my door.

Being a single person usually cooking for one, it’s super hard for me to go traditional food shopping. More often than not, I end up throwing out food at the end of the week, or (embarrassingly) I end up eating something that may or may not still be fresh?! That is no way to live, and now, with Plated’s individual portions I can rest assured that I can cook at home affordably and safely.

If you’re trying to cook at home affordably without wasting food or money I think you’ll like Plated as much as me. Last I checked they were still doing the free plate promotion. They are super responsive on social media so throw them a tweet if you wanna see for sure!

UPDATE: Click this link (or any of the links on this page) to save $24 off your first box!



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