Blogilates #8WeekHotBody Meal Planning: Week 3!


I have been following the Google+ page for the #8WeekHotBody challenge every day. I love checking in and seeing how every one is doing. One of the more common comments I see are those of you who slipped up on the meal plan because you were too tired or it was too late or for some reason, the thought of cooking was too much for you. You guys need to prep your meals. Seriously, once you do this, making dinner is as easy as running through any drive through!

Swiss Oatmeal: This one is great cause it actually “cooks” overnight in the fridge. I’d prepare two of the recipes (each one makes two servings) all at the same time. When you’re ready to eat, just scoop out half and enjoy!
Banana Pancakes: Just like week one.
Clean Egg Muffins: Just like last week!
**I like that the recipes are repeating now. Makes things much easier!

Chicken Salad: So you can’t prepare this too much in advance, but there are somethings you can do to make lunch a breeze. Bake your chicken and shred. Store this with the tomato slices and egg whites in a container. Make enough dressing for all three salads and store in separate containers. Morning of, grab your bag o’ spinach, the container with the chicken, tom, egg mixture, the avocado, and one serving of the dressing. Just assemble the salad when you’re ready to eat. The key here is to keep the spinach from getting soggy. Soggy salad = nasty salad.
Fish n Veggies: Bake Tilapia, cool, freeze in a single layer (this means flat on a sheet tray where nothing overlaps), bag when completely frozen. Bake your sweet potato. Store in fridge. Steam beans. Store in fridge. Take your fish out of the freezer in the morning. By the time lunch rolls around it’ll be thawed enough to reheat with the sweet potato and beans.
Almond Butter & Banana Smoothie: you cannot make this ahead of time. Sorry. Good news is, it’s fast and easy and on a Sunday should be easy to tackle real quick.


Salmon n’ Veggies: Just like last week, I really don’t recommend making salmon ahead of time. It’s very quick and easy to do when you’re ready to eat and tastes so much better. Coincidentally, steaming veggies should take the same amount of time as cooking salmon. So, I’m not going to prep this meal. One quick tip though is to look for Ziploc steam bags. It’ll make steaming those veggies in the microwave super easy!
Chicken Stir-fry: chop all the veggies and store in one container. When it’s dinner time, toss raw, sliced chicken and all veggies in the pan. They’ll cook together in about the same time. If veggies cook quicker than the chicken, just pull them out of the pan early.
Healthiest Quesadilla Ever: Just like last week.


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