Blogilates #8weekhotbody Meal Planning: Week Two!


Hey, popsters! Can I just say how amazing all of your support has been. I wrote last week’s Shopping List and Meal Prep sort of on a whim and, as it turns out, many of you came to check them out! I’ve enjoyed all your comments and +1’s on the group page! So…without further ado…week two! (meant for that to rhyme!)


Muffins: Just like last week’s pancakes, make these ahead of time and do the fool proof freeze system (FPFS). Cool to room temp, freeze in a single layer, then bag up.
Quinoa Cereal: pre-make the quinoa and store like you would rice (air-tight container in the fridge). Chop your pecans and store in an air-tight container in the FREEZER! Did you know, nuts can spoil? Morning of, you just dump in all the ingredients and devour!
Scramble: I would not make the scramble ahead of time, but you can prep all of the ingredients. Shred the cheese, chop the spinach, measure the tomatoes (do not pre-chop…they’ll turn into mush), chop peppers, and chop onions. Measure out the serving sizes and store all of these items in separate containers in the fridge. On the day of just scramble everything together. PS: definitely pre-bake the potatoes according to the recipe and store using the FPFS. Reheat in microwave on the day of. See Salmon Tri-fect notes below, too.


Tuna Salad: I would got recommend making this salad ahead of time. Tuna is very delicate and can break down with the addition of the acid in the dressing. But, go ahead and cook your rice, boil your egg whites, and make the dressing. That way, on meal day, you’re just assembling and not actually cooking! If you work at an office and will be eating lunch there, I would recommend chopping the apple on-site so it does not brown.
Lettuce Wrap: totally make the mix ahead of time, divide into three, and store each individual serving in an air-tight container in the fridge. Just nuke it and assemble on the lettuce when it’s time to eat.


Slim Salmon: steam broccoli ahead of time, if you want, but in all honesty, you could steam the broccoli in the same time it takes to bake the salmon. Alternatively, you can chop the sweet potato and roast it instead of baking the whole thing. If you do this, follow the FPFS.
Quesadilla: make the meat filling ahead of time, divide into individual servings and store in fridge. Make the egg white cakes (not sure what to call these) and freeze using the FPFS. The morning of, pull these out of the freezer and move to the fridge. They’ll defrost by the time dinner rolls around. — Did I just mention a dinner roll? Processed carbs on the brain! 🙂 When it’s time to eat, nuke the filling and the cakes while you toast your tortillas (yum!) and assemble!
Salmon Tri-fecta: Double up your serving of potatoes that you made for the scramble. Sauteed spinach is very wet, so I would not sautee ahead of time. But, it cooks up (or down) in a snap so it won’t take much more time than baking your salmon.


pre-chop your pineapple, pre-cook your edamame, pre-chop your carrots (or just buy the baby ones). Store all in air-tight containers in the fridge. I have also been storing my hummus, edamame and pineapple in individual servings. Makes packing lunch in the AM a breeze!


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