Living Room Re-do


As a surprise to the boyf for renewing our lease I set out to finish our apartment. It was so overwhelming when we moved in because I was — yet again — downsizing. This place is just 560 square feet!

I know, right!

So, when we first moved in, the first priority was to organize and get everything to fit. But, after I did that, I just stopped designing. I had the itch to re-do a couple of months ago, but with our lease ending and no decision on what we would do, I put it off.

As soon as we renewed, I was ready and got to work right away on creating our new oasis.


I’m almost embarrassed to show this picture, but here’s a look at how my living room looked this time last week.

living room before


It was boring and bland a looked like a college apartment with everything thrown together.

I hadn’t put a lot of thought into my living room for one reason or another. I made the C-Table the computer is sitting on, made the wall art from an old wood pallet, and slaved over the curtains, but that was about it. I liked the pieces individually, but all thrown together, they didn’t say much.

But, now…


living room new


I really love the cool, clean, cohesive look I was able to achieve. What’s more, everything but the rug is a total DIY. I made the bench, the tray, the pillows, the lamp (sort of) and the aforementioned C-Table and curtain rods (they’re made from plumbers pipe!). I also made that quilt (the before pic shows the top; the after pic shows the back)!

Here’s a breakdown of everything:



The lamp is from Target. You can buy it here. It is black as you can see, so I just painted it with some metallic spray paint in Nickel.

I made the pillows using the tutorial I posted last week. The fabric was all purchased from Here’s the teal, the yellow-ish, and the multi. I made my own piping from a neutral duck.

The bench is from my favorite local consignment shop, Next To New. I recovered the top in new foam and batting. It was painted with Luxe Grey from Amy Howard’s One-Step Chalk Paint line.

The tray is one of those raw wooden pieces you can find at craft stores. I painted it with the chalk paint then laid a scrap of fabric from the pillows inside and set with Mod Podge. Let me know if you’d like a tutorial. It’s so simple.

The rug is from Wayfair. It’s apparently sold out, but here’s a similar one.

Hope you like my new living room as much as me! The boyf loved it, btw!


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