Best tutorial for pillow covers with piping **and** an invisible zip!


I’m doing a bit of redecorating after renewing my lease for another year. When I first downsized to this teeeeeeeny tiny studio apartment, I spent almost all my efforts just buying the basics. I had to sell all my furniture before the move because none of it would fit in my new apartment. Sadly, though, after a year, I haven’t added anything to my living room. Its blah-ness was getting to me for months, but we didn’t know if we were going to stay so I didn’t know if I wanted to invest. But, now that we are…I’m all in for adding some life to this room.

One of the fastest ways I know to spruce up a small space is with pillows. So I’ll be sewing up some for my space. I really want a piped edge (in a contrasting fabric) and I really, really want an invisible zip. Envelope backs are fine, and sure they are super simple to whip up, but I want a professional look that will last.

I thought I’d be able to do a quick search and find a tutorial for this, but I was wrong. There were a lot of great tutorials for pillows with invisible zips and pillows that were piped and have a regular zip, but it was surprisingly hard to find one with piping and an invisible zip.

Until this!

In case your wondering, here’s my inspo board!

Living Room Collage


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