A tutorial that works: Do It Yourself Divas Maxi Skirt with Yoga Waistband


With everyone and their mom blogging these days combined with everyone and their mom thinking they can teach people how to sew, it’s a rarity to fine a tutorial that actually works anymore. So, when I do find them, I always like to post so you beginners out there don’t waste your time on anything but the best.

Today, literally in like an hour…literally, I made a maxi skirt. It’s one of those with the fold over waist so no fancy closures. And, since it’s made from knit, you don’t even have to hem it if you don’t want.

I followed this tutorial by Do It Yourself Divas to the T. And, it turned out super cute.

I would like to caution those girls out there with the well-endowed booty (aka a hip measurement that’s nine inches or more wider than your waist measurement) to use your hip measurements as the base rather than your waist.

I used a striped knit from Joann’s and inserted a vertical panel along the sides. I’m trying to get some good photos of it which is really hard to do by yourself. So, I’ll update with photos ASAP!


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