Help me pick my new pair of Maui Jim’s! Maile vs Kahoma


Recently I attended a training session hosted by a client of mine. During the two-hour class, I learned more than I needed to know about Maui Jim, but ultimately realized that my $15 Target sunglasses really aren’t cutting it. The gave all of us a VIP gift card to encourage us to get our own pairs, so I started the hunt.

I’ve finally narrow it down to two options: Maile or Kahoma. And, I’m truly stumped. So, I’m leaving it up to you guys! Vote for your favorite pair by commenting with A or B in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. The pair with the most votes wins!

mauijim collage


Option A is the Kahoma style. Here are the deets:

Named after Kahoma Valley on West Maui, this land is home to lush, tropical landscapes. This modern take on a classic wayfarer comes to light in a high grade nylon frame, unique colors, and our patented PolarizedPlus2® technology.

Perfect for: Driving or relaxing on the beach -€” lens treatments and frames are saltwater safe

Design: A mid-sized wrap with wider temples for extra coverage and protection against wind, debris and the sun’s harmful rays

Shape: Modified wayfarer frame complements oval or heart/triangle face shapes

Option B is the Maile style. Here are the deets:

Available in 5 color combinations, this style features a feminine, modern shape with MauiGradient® lenses for a stylish touch.

Perfect for: Protecting against wind and blowing debris by the pool or topside -€” lens treatments and frames are saltwater safe

Design: A great complement to Maui Jim’s full frame nylon collection and the MauiGradient® family.

Shape: Round frame complements many face shapes

I’ve always worn glasses that look more like the Maile style. But, I’ve wanted some “wayfarer” style glasses for a while, so I’m wondering if now is the time to make the leap.

Some things both pairs have in common are the stellar lenses. You can really tell a difference when you put on a pair of these and look out into the sunshine vs the cheapy Target pairs I’m used to. Maui Jim, I learned, is really the industry leader when it comes to developing technology that improve the quality, comfort, and protection of sunglass lenses. Even things that you never noticed, like the glare from the water jumping up and seeping through other lenses, are prevented when wearing Maui Jim’s. And, obviously, their lenses protect from all forms of harmful UV rays.

NOTE: did you know your eyes can actually get sunburned like your skin. Ouch!

You can learn more about Maui Jim Lens Technology and head out to your favorite sunglass shop to try a pair. Message me if you want to know where I’m buying mine (aka my client).

DISCLAIMER: I received a 75% off coupon for my attendance in the seminar, but in no way was this blog post a part of the exchange. All opinions are completely my own.


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