What Proactive taught me about skincare before I even used the product


Of course, Proactive has been around for years. I’ve thought about ordering it on and off in my life but never did. Then one day, I was watching E! News and Julianne Hough was on to talk about her Kind Campaign charity. She casually (not sales-y) mentioned that Proactive was a sponsor to which the interviewers (Kat and Guilianna I believe) comment that she was a spokes woman for them. Then, almost in unison, they both exclaimed that her skin was flawless even in person.

I don’t know what it was about that interview, but shortly there after I was online making my first Proactive purchase.

With that purchase came a free downloadable e-book. It seemed like a throw-away freebie to me. Just something else to throw in to the package to beef it up but something that would have much merit.

I read the entire thing…cover to cover.


And, what I learned astonished me. Basically, I’d been washing my face (no matter what cleanser I used) incorrectly all these years. Then, after thinking about it, it made sense. No one really taught me how to wash my face, naturally. I never had a huge problem with acne, just hormonal breakouts (if that). I had never even been to the dermatologist until a year ago, when I was 30! So, of course, I was doing it wrong.

Here’s my missteps.

Not using enough product. 

If you’re only getting a thin layer of product on your face when you wash, it’s not enough. Proactive suggests a quarter sized amount! Yes! That much. It really needs to get on there and really lather up.

Not washing long enough

You should be washing your face in small little circles for two whole minutes. 120 seconds. About one song on the radio. It’s a lot longer when your standing there over the sink with water dripping from you elbows. It even seems like an eternity when you’re in the shower. Then again, I have a thing about having my eyes closed in the shower. I really freaks me out if I let it.


Another thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter if the water is hot or not. Hot water does not make your pores open any more than warm water. In fact, hot water can actually counteract your entire skin care routine.

Myth: hot water opens pores and cold water closes them. The reality is that pores don’t have muscles to open and close. While hot water may feel good on your skin, it can screw with your skin’s natural, protective oils and lead to over-drying or over production of sebum. Lukewarm water is the best bet to cleanse gently yet effectively.

So, no matter if you’re using Proactive or something else, make sure you’re using enough of it for at least two minutes. You’ll see and feel a difference.


What do you think?

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