Snow day? I’ll make a top that’s 100% summer


Yea, this is the way my brain thinks for some reason. I also think I simply don’t like making winter clothes. Pants and jackets have not been my sewing friends in the past. But, dresses and flowey tops will always be close by…and my favorite things to wear.

The entire Charleston area, and maybe all of South Carolina for that matter, has been under a Winter Storm Watch for the past 48 hours. No school, business closed, and roadways are completely shut down. Even if I did want to get somewhere, it is not going to happen. So when the cabin fever really started to set in, I needed to find something to do.

Enter McCall’s 6751. Fun and flirty and totally, unapologetically summer! Why do I torture myself?


I searched my scraps and found an old knit that I bought for my second hand-made garment ever. That garment…a skirt…has since been tossed (it was an absolute mess) but I do adore the fabric so I am glad I held on to the scraps.

A few months ago I grabbed a bunch of patterns when Hancock was having a big sale. I had just enough scraps (after sewing two pieces together to make the front) to make this little top. But, I had no bias tape or anything else to finish it. So, I had to play around on my serger and learn a rolled hem. Boy, am I glad I did. It’s so cute how it pulls the knit into a little scallop. It reminds me of lingerie in a way. I love it. This little unassuming snow day project ended up teaching me so much!

I ordered some new fabric today to make two more of these tops. One is a crepe de chine and the other is challis. I can’t wait to see how the weights of the different fabrics effect the overall look of this top. I will do some side-by-sides so you can see how important fabric selection is.

You can tell this fabric is a little too lightweight for this kind of application. The rolled hem looks great on the bottom hem, but not so great around the neck and arms. That’s because the weight of the rolled hem is pulling the fabric down. Weighing down is perfect for a hem…not so much for arms and necklines. But, the hem is one.long.continuous.hem. So you can really stop and start at certain parts. It is what it is.

This top will be worn in the most casual of events — pool, beach, etc. And, even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, I’m still glad I bothered to try something new. A brand new patter, knits, 4-thread serging, and a rolled hem all in one day was enough adventure to pull me out of my snow day rut!

Now, I just have to wait out the next few months until it’s warm enough for me to get to that pool or beach!


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