Most hilarious tips for traveling to Los Angeles


I’m taking a trip to L.A. next week and I’m beyond excited. I’ve never been before and I have a laundry list of places I want to go (and people I’d like to see!) Before I go to any place for the first time, or really the first handful of times, I’ll look online and find suggestions for what to wear in that city in that month or time of year.

The best advice come from people who live there and have lived there for a while…like a blogger or YouTuber. And, while doing my research, I came across this article from It has **the best** tips for traveling I’ve ever heard so I just had to share.

The Best of “How to Dress like a Local in Los Angeles

  • Tennis shoes with jeans are unacceptable.
  • Carry a wallet or a man-purse instead of a fanny pack or briefcase.
  • Wear sunglasses year round. Los Angeles natives and transplants alike wear shades all year, even when it’s cloudy outside. Pretend you have very sensitive eyes.
  • Wearing shorts is a sure sign of a tourist.
  • Hawaiian and floral prints scream that you’re a tourist.

In all honesty, these are some great tips…if I were 75 years old and lived in Boca Raton or some small town in Iowa. Most of it is just basic fashion rules, but the way it was phrased made me laugh so hard. The one about sunglasses get’s me every time!

The best advice I read was in a forum from Fodor’s Travel Talk.

…definitely layers as the weather is generally cool (for us) but we can have an exceptional warm spell. However, it will ALWAYS be cool in the evenings (and possibly even cold) so be prepared with a jacket…

Dress is always casual, even at the nicest restaurants. Black slacks with a dressy top would be perfect.

I’ll be planning some outfits soon and maybe doing a little bit of shopping. Stay tuned to see what I’ll be wearing for my first time in L.A.!!

Also, should I post something on what to wear in Charleston, SC to help out the tourists here? I’ve seem some tragic outfits here lately. I wonder if people even care as much as I do. Food for though. Comment about it. Maybe we can start a revolution where all us fashion-obessers can post some truly helpful tips for traveling to our home towns!


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