One man’s trash is a baker’s new favorite cookie!


I picked up some hot tea for the Kurig for my love’s birthday recently. We love hot tea at night and I thought it would be cool to make them in the Kurig machine. But, after a few tries, we realized we really didn’t like the flavor of the tea. It’s a chamomile tea, which normally we’d like but, IDK…I guess it’s stronger in the Kurig.

So, here I was left with about 10 of those little cups and no one to drink them. What’s a girl to do?

Make cookies!

I remembered that I had seen cookies made with tea leaves, so I took to the internets to find it again. Sure enough, Martha Stewart had a version and so did one of my all time fav Food Network chefs, Claire Robinson.

Both are these recipes were originally made with Earl Grey, but I figured it’d all be the same.

via Food Network.

What a pleasant surprise these little guys are. The cookie is a little on the dryer, crumbly side. You wouldn’t believe the flavor that you get from the tea. And, I just love how you can see the little flecks of it inside. Delish and Beautiful!

I can’t wait to try this recipe out with all kinds of my least favorite teas… Green, Jasmine, whatever. I imagine you could add just about any flavoring to this recipe and it’d be awesome… spices would be awesome!

Did I mention it’s fun to make? Like magic! Plus, I love using my Food Processor!

I hope you’ll venture out and make something a little unexpected for your next tea party!


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