The best surprise for your Santa-loving kid


The internet is truly an amazing place. It’s a magical place where you can buy anything you want, watch anything you want, learn anything you want and hidden in there somewhere is this special place where great apps are born and somehow the internet is able to offer them for free.

A few years ago I found one of these such hidden gems. I’ve used it every year since and never spent a penny.

It’s called Portable North Pole and it’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s faces and keep the magic of Christmas alive.

In short, it is a site where you put in a few details about your kids and click a few buttons and voila…a video message direct from Santa and his elves sent directly to your inbox.

You put in their name, age, and other run of the mill info about your kid. But, you can also select the kind of boy/girl they’ve been this year: nice, naughty, nice/naughty. You can have Santa address some specific issues your kid might be working on this year like being nice to their sister, listening to the teacher and not sulking when they don’t get their way. You know, normal kid stuff. You upload some photos and specify a gift they want. It’s the real deal…Santa knows everything!

Seriously so cool.

Each year the graphics get better and better and it’s never the same theme/story twice.

So, take a few minutes and give your kiddo the surprise of a lifetime.


What do you think?

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