Best App for online shoppers


It’s just two days after Cyber Monday and I still find myself poking around online looking for deals and steals. If you are like me and love shopping online, then you are going to flip for this great little app I’ve found. It’s called MyPackage (not the best name, I know) and it’s totally free.

For me personally, I love products and services that. just. work. You know what I’m saying. I don’t need the frills and fancy pants stuff. I just need it to do what I need it to do and that’s it. MyPackage is a great example of this. You put in the tracking information: tracking number, shipping address, carrier…and voila…a little map pops up and follows your goodies from their original home to your home. You can get push notifications, too, if you must know exactly when it lands at each check point.

I know it seems silly, but I just love watching my new things make their way across the country…or world…til they make it to me. There’s something so rewarding about it.

So, if you bought anything for Cyber Monday (and didn’t spring for the overnight or 2-day shipping) download MyPackage. You’ll love it!

PS: I totally know how this post sounds like it could be a promoted post, but I swear I’m not getting paid a dime to tell you about it. I guess I just have that sales-pitchy tone in my writing today! 🙂 I just seriously love this app and think you will, too!


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