Juicing the skins…I’m scared!


I got a blender (Ninja 1000 to be exact) for myself about two months ago. For the first month I made a juice blend every single day. But, lately, I’ve gotten a little more picky with my blends. And, although the flavor is great, I’m not really into the consistency of everything. It’s smooth but a little too thick for my liking.

I started to just add more liquid, but was feeling like I was just watering everything down. So, I got my mind set on added juices to the mix. Unfortunately, the juices you buy at the store just aren’t that good for you (additives, preservatives, sugars, etc).

So, I decided I wanted a juicer.  With I juicer I can juice anything that’s too fibrous for my blender (aka: my picky tastes), still get the nutrients, and add it to the blender with all the things I don’t mind the consistency of. Yes, it’s twice the work and twice the clean up, but I think it will be worth it.

And, while looking through the Black Friday ads with my friend Anna I asked if she had one and could make a recommendation. She did me one better and GAVE me one she wasn’t using! Beyond grateful, I took her up on her offer and was off to improve the consistency of my smoothies.

Just like the first time I used my blender, I found myself questioning everything. What can I juice? Does this thing even have any liquid inside it? Aren’t seeds poisonous? Do I have to peel this? And, without any research I forged ahead. It was messy and my blend tasted bitter. Yuk.

So here I sit wondering where I went wrong. I could have been many different factors since I sort of just went rogue and a little haphazard. But, I thought a good place to start would be to learn what to peel and what not to peel.

To help myself remember, I made this little guide:


There are some obvious fruits and veggies that could be added to each side of the list. Peel anything that’s too hard to cut through with a knife and don’t peel anything that has a thin skin like cucumbers, apples, and grapes.

What I found most interesting was the benefits of NOT peeling. Here’s the original article if you want to learn all that good stuff. Banana peels will be a little scary the first time around, but I’m adventurous…if you can’t tell. 🙂

And, my dog Sonny is, too! I’ll be saving the pulp to make some of these dog treats for him, too! Yah…deliciousness for everyone!

Now, I’m off to find some recipes to ensure good health and a tasty treat.


What do you think?

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