So, you DIY’d a leather skirt. Now what?


Liz at CottonandCurls just posted a great little tute on how to DIY an A-line leather skirt. She has great style and I really appreciate how she always just wings it. I, personally, would have to use a pattern just to make sure I was doing it right. But, I found my skirt at Goodwill. Nabbed that sucker for $3! It’s fully lined and has no waistband FYI. There’s a one inch hem that’s top stitched and a lapped zipper. Let me know if you have questions about how it’s constructed. It’s pretty straightforward and I’m sure I could make it myself. But, not for $3. I mean, c’mon!

So, now that you’ve got your leather skirt — DIY’d, thrifted, full-price, or otherwise — how do you wear it? After perusing Pinterest for a hot minute, I found three distinct trends for wearing leather in the 2010’s. It’s not super sexy. It’s not over-the-top. It’s not only for the weekends. Leather skirts these days are stylish, polished, and totally do-able for every lifestyle. Here’s three trends for wearing a leather a-line (or pencil) skirt.


Wearing a black leather skirt during the day is a lot about balance and proportion. The oversized tops in these photos are exactly how it’s done. Think about adding layers (like a scarf), texture (with a cable knit or super soft sweater), or visual interest (with light, flowey tees or blouses). Obviously, any color goes and shoe styles run the gamut from heels to booties.


This is probably my favorite overall look for a leather skirt. I love how sophisticated a leather skirt can look when it’s styled this way. It’s not cheap looking…in fact, it looks very, very expensive. To pull this off, consider only tops that tuck in that have lady-like details. That can come in the form of a bold print and a heel, a funky collar, or structured fit. I think monochromatic works best here and I think a pointy-toed heel is a must. Although, the opaque tight with a bootie is also very nice.


If you want to inject serious style with your new leather skirt, forcing it to go casual is bold and brave. By nature, leather skirts are dressy. Like sequins or lace…it almost can’t help but be a fancy material. Until you pair it with unexpected pieces like a denim vest, chambray shirt, sweatshirt, baseball tee, or army green jacket. For the most part heels of some kind top off the outfit despite the casual nature of the top. But, think outside the box with your footwear for this look. A chunkier heel, an ankle strap, and unexpected colors all add to the overall style.

Let me know if you’ll be rocking a leather skirt this fall/winter. If so, which of these trends is your favorite?!


This post brought to you as part of the National Sewing Month series

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