Buy it or DIY it?


The weather is cooling off again which means I’ll be lacing up my sneakers and walking/running a lot more. It’s way too hot here to even walk from my door to my car in the thick of summer, so I always take a bit of a siesta from June to October. Either way, I never know what to do with my phone when I walk. Those arm band thingies always fall off my chicken arms. Walking with stuff in my pockets is never going to happen. Stuff it in my sports bra? Um…no. Until now, I’ve walked with a fanny pack. Yes, a legiatmate fanny pack. I loosen it up so it hangs low on my hips and place the bag on the right side. It a little bulky and I always get funny looks, but it works.

Then I stumbled across this wonderful tutorial from MeSewCrazy.


Totes Adorbs Presh, right?!

A quick search on Google turns up tons of options for you to purchase it. Pricing starts at around $15. But, they are in no way in the realm of cute. I mean, who wants basic black? Not this girl.

I spotted some FOE (fold over elastic) at Joann’s the other day and this is the project that immediately jumped in my mind. I can’t wait to make my new band and hit the streets in style.

I’m even thinking of making this in some stretch leather to wear out. Too much? 🙂


This post brought to you as part of the National Sewing Month series.

sewing month series


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