Sewing fail: piping and Deer and Doe Belladone


Sometimes I lie awake at night and my brain runs and runs about crafty things I’m dreaming up. It’s how I came up with my C-table DIY and so many craft projects I can’t even count. One night a couple of weeks ago after shopping on line and ordering up the Deer and Doe Belladone, I thought how cute it would look with piping around the back. Turns out, it wasn’t that original of an idea and I was able to find plenty of others who’d done the same thing. So, I bought up my fabric (Michael Miller Waterfront Park Flight and some Olive Green cotton). I used this tutorial to find out how much of the piping I’d need and grabbed some natural piping from Hancock. I got the same length that the pattern suggests for bias tape assuming it’d be more than enough. I pre-washed my fabric and pre-read the pattern instructions. All ready to go. It’s not a complicated pattern. It’s not a complicated dress.

Or so I thought.

I’m not exactly sure where I went wrong.

1. I decided to add piping to every seam — neckline, armcye, waistband — everywhere.

2. I think I got confused about the order in which I was supposed to sew the piping on. I did all the back seams with ease, using my zipper foot to install the self-made piping. (As an aside, would you like to see how I make my own. It’s super simple.) But, then I sewed it to the arms and neckline and when I sewed the shoulder and side seams together it was just so bulky. I knew it wasn’t right. So, I ripped it all out.

3. I ran out of piping at this point, so I got out my pajamas (a major feat this particular day) and hit up my closest sewing shop – Hobby Lobby. The smallest size they had was bigger than what I got from Hancock, but I got it anyway. Big mistake. I couldn’t get my 1″ strip of cotton around the thing and the piping was too big for my zipper foot and refused to stay on track.

4. I forged along.

5. Then I got to the assembly part and knew it wouldn’t work. The seams weren’t matching and one side was bulkier than the other. It’s a mess.

So, after an entire day of sewing and a special trip to the store, I ended up with this.





This post brought to you as part of the National Sewing Month series!


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