My very first sew-along


I’ve seen a ton of sew-alongs in my day. But, for some reason, I’ve never felt compelled to play along. Maybe it’s because I’m not confident in the teachings, I don’t like being conformed to a sewing schedule, or I’m not sure how the garment will look finished. IDK. I’ve just never been really sold on the whole idea.

Until, I checked my email this morning.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.12.18 AM

From Craftsy comes a sew-along just for me. It’s their October Sew-Along from Jill Cappuccio. First, you can sew at your own pace since the classes are pre-recorded. Next, the fabric is included in the class! What? This is what really sold me. I know I’ll be able to get the dress that’s exactly right since the fabric was chosen by the teacher. Speaking of the teacher, she’s also the one that designed the pattern so you know you’ll get the best lesson possible. Lastly, it’s a knit dress with two color options. I haven’t had the best success with knits in the past. In fact, every knit garment I’ve ever made has ended up in the trash. #sigh. For some reason though, I have the crazy idea that this one will be different. We’ll see…

So, not that I’m getting paid by Craftsy or anything, but I’d love it if some of my readers also joined the sew-along. I, of course, will be blogging about my adventures and would love it if I had some peeps played along with me.

Here’s what you’ll get for you $24 (plus $6 shipping):

  • Written pattern with photos
  • Fabric: Laguna Cotton Jersey in one of two color stories. Choose from Navy, turquoise and tangerine or black, hot pink, and red. FYI: I opted for the navy because I thought it’d look better with the boots I have. LOL. I would buy based on shoes, natch.
  • One-of-a kind knit dress
  • One-on-one help from the designer and teacher
  • Endless fun! 🙂

Let me know if you join the sew-along. I’ll follow your blog and we can share the experience together!


The post brought to you as part of the National Sewing Month series

sewing month series


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