Best sewing blogs


Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to find a lot of lovely ladies out there who, like me, have a passion for making great clothes. I have a whole bookmark on my iPad dedicated to these wonderful bloggers and would like to introduce you to them.

Kristina J – what’s better than a great seamstress? A great seamstress with serious style. Kristina does wonderful refashions that’ll make you rethink every piece of clothing you already own. Styled perfectly like a J. Crew catelogue, she makes DIY clothes just gorgeous.

Sew Charleston – I’m a little biased with this one since Abbey is a personal friend of mine, but she knows how to make pretty clothes…period. Abbey has a distinct style that translates effortly into her DIY wardrobe as well. I’ve had so much fun learning with her and she pushes me to be a better sewist, too. Like me, she’s a fan of the indy designer and, unlike me, isn’t afriad to splurge on fabric. But, I think you’ll enjoy seeing the pictures of her latest creations. 

Sew Caroline – Caroline is a gorgeous woman who just makes great clothes and makes them well. I mean who else can make sense of drafting a circle skirt? I love her eye for fabrics and how she styles all her creations. 

Erica Bunker – Erica is one woman with a ton of imagination and great style. In all honesty, her style is a little much for me, but I truly appreciate her sewing perspective: take designer clothes and make them yourself. She’s got some serious sewing chops talking over my head in some of her blogs, but I love to see all of her clothes and just know that I can make anything I see in a store!

I love reading blogs so much and end almost every night with my nose buried in my iPad. I’d love to know some of your favorite sewing bloggers. Let me know who they are so I can see what they’re all about!


This post brought to you as part of the National Sewing Month series!



5 thoughts on “Best sewing blogs

  1. that’s kinda funny to me . . . I was just looking around in the Sew Charleston blog! I also checked out the others you mentioned here. Gotta say the bunker one wasn’t my favorite, but she’s got style, that’s for sure.

      • Oh, my! I follow a zillion and ten of varied interests. Some of the sewing ones that I really like, though, are “made with hugs and kisses,” and “pillows-a-la-mode,” and “factotum of arts,” and “crafty staci,” and “a little bird made me” – and that’s just a few. I also follow sites like,, sewwhat’ . . . .

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