Organize your fabric stash with labels, duh!


Some of you may know, I recently downsized. Actually, I’ve been downsizing for the past three moves. I bought a house that at one point I really did love. But, as I grew up and lived in it for a while I realized how much of it was just wasted space. It was 1,350 square feet. The next place was 975 square feet. Still there were rooms that I just passed through. The next move took me to 750 square feet and now finally I’m in a 540 square foot studio. Let’s just say, there isn’t an inch of wasted space.

It’s great for everything…except my sewing. I tend to work on more than one project at once. Well, way more than one. Right now, I can think of 10. :-/

So, to help manage it all, I have to be organized. I have all my fabrics folded and stowed in a cabinet above the fridge (not even kidding) and desperately need a way to know what it is, where I got it and how much is there.

Alas, I found Family Ever After’s Fabric Labels.


It’s a totally free printable that you download from her blog, cut up, and either tuck into the fold of the fabric like she did or pin to the fold like I will. 

The ONLY thing I would change (and Rach, if you’re reading, I’d love an updated version!) would be to add a entry for the washing instructions. For now, I’ll just write it on the back, but it would be awesome to have it right there with everything else!

I just thought these things were too cute (and practical) to keep to myself. So, head on over to Rach’s blog to get your own!


This post brought to you as part of the National Sewing Month series!


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