DIY the Pipe Side Table (c-table) from West Elm


C-tables are all the rage in home design lately. And, for my uber small 540 square foot studio apartment, it’s space saving capabilities are exactly what I need. I love how they can tuck under the sides of the sofa on either side for a coffee and my iPad or swing it around front for a laptop stand. It’s practical and perfect in every way for me…except for the price. I scoured the market for a stylish c-table that fit my budget and was left empty handed, until…I spotted this beaute.

This little stunner is the Pipe Side Table from West Elm. I love it’s rustic quality mixing hard galvanized metals and a beautiful warm wood. But, it’s also $179. Umm…no! But, if you look ever so closely, you’ll notice it’s simply made from some galvanized piping. Hey, I’ve seen that at Lowe’s before.

So, I hit up my Lowe’s and got all my materials. Depending on the size of the finished piece, there are tons of different options for your table. I ended up with the following:

  • 2 24” pipes for the height
  • 2 8” pipes for the width
  • 2 18” pipes for the bottom depth
  • 2 10” pipes for the top depth
  • 8 90* pipe connectors
  • 1 package of pipe straps
  • 1 12”x24”x1” piece of wood that I had them cut down to 12”x15”x1”
  • Stain of your choice
  • Spray Polyurethane

And, would you know my entire total came to $60, which includes the splurge on the wood. I sprung for a lovely Red Oak that I knew would be durable, look great in the space, and help un-DIY my DIY. I would normally have gone for a simple ply or MDF if I were painting, but since my inspiration piece had a hard wood top I had to make the investment. 

Stay tuned for the followup posts where I show off my new piece…and teach you how you can make your own. This one would have been waaaaay to long with all the photos and a tutorial.


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