My absolute favorite beauty bloggers


When I moved about a year and a half ago, I ditched my cable…for good. Or so I thought…more on that later. I got an Apple TV, a Netflix account, and some rabbit ears. I thought I was good to go. But, without the lure of the Kardashians or the Food Network, I was still bored. A lot.

So, I started poking around on my iPad and fell in love with beauty blogs. There’s just something about the way a woman…a real woman with skin issues and finicky hair, and trouble spots…talks to other women. It captivated me and quickly I had a whole separate bookmark on my home screen dedicated to Beauty Blogs. 

Every night, I cozy up with Sonny and click away through my favorite ones. I watch beauty vlogs, too, but that’s a post for another day. 

So, I thought I would share with you my current favorite beauty bloggers so maybe you’ll put the TV remote down and read a little, too.

I Covet Thee

Alix is not only gorgeous, but she really knows her stuff. This girl from Britain has most recently turned me on to Bioderma and Origins and I have a feeling there will be many more new loves in my life because of her.

Dreaming In Blush

Elle Fowler is most notably know for her part in the dynamic duo, Elle and Blair. The sisters have very successful YouTube careers, a fun line of jewelry and accessories at, a makeup and nail polish line, and numerous mag appearances. So, when Elle announced she was starting a new beauty blog (after went down) I was all in. She’s got expensive taste and is a little frivolous with her beauty purchases (recently buying something solely based on what it smelled like) she is really truthful and honest about what she thinks of a product. 

She’s In The Glow

Annie is a contributing writer for Refinery29 so you know — as the name implies — she’s in the know. She’s got a writing style that is more like story time rather than reading about lotion ingredients and a gazillion shades of red lipstick. She truly woos me into buying things I’m not totally sure I would have ever purchased if anyone else in the entire universe told me about them. She makes me want to want them. Darn her!

So, I have cable again in my life…only because it is included in the rent at the new place. I’m trying hard to not let it take away everything I’ve grown to love sans the black hole of television. 

But, my nightly routine of reading and lusting over beauty products isn’t going away. Thanks to these three lovelies. 

What are you favorite blogs to read?


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