Free yourself from soda


There is something uniquely special about sodas. Even though I haven’t had a “regular” soda in years, I know the diet ones are no bueno, either. The artificial sweeteners and colors, and god knows what else goes in have long been proven to be bad. It’s just a matter of time before real proof comes out. But, in the mean time, I’m not willing to take the risks. So, I’ve been longing for an alternative. It’s been a long road. 

Most of the flavored waters are too flavored and regular water just doesn’t cut it. I tried soda water with lemon and lime but how often do I have fruit just hanging around in the fridge. Unless I’m making mexican…never!

The only solution I found was to make my own mixed drink of 3 parts regular water and one part flavored sparkling water. It did the trick, but it did take actual work to make and required buying two products. 

That is, until I tasted Hint Fizz

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical. I have tried flavored sparkling waters before and they were all too sweet, too flavored, too fake. But, Hint Fizz is perfection. It’s got tons of bubbles to satisfy my soda craving and tastes like real fruit in sparkling water. Right now, they have four flavors which are all delicious. 

If I had to rank them in order of deliciousness, I’d put Strawberry-kiwi in the top spot, followed by peach, then blackberry, and finally watermelon (it was a little on the light side for flavor actually). 

My local Harris Teeter usually has them on sale for 10 for $10 making them on the expensive side so I only treat myself to two for each trip I make to the grocery. 

I want to know if you’ve tried these or what you think if you get your hands on some soon. Also, what are your favorite soda alternatives?? 


What do you think?

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