Sewing Pattern Storage


Any sewer knows that sewing patterns are a b*tch to store. After you’ve cut the pieces out, you know you can never get them back in that pouch to lay flat ever again. Geez, I can barely get the instructions folded back right. 

Let’s not even talk about organization. How exactly do you organize them? By brand? By style? By article? 

But, I think I might have found the perfect solution…and get this…it’s cheap! Yah!


So these are hanging file boxes that are half size. I don’t really understand the purpose of them in the office, but that is neither here nor there. See that short side of the box with the round hole? Well, it just so happens to be approximately the same width as a standard sewing pattern. Woot! 

I think the plain white is so chic, but I couldn’t leave mine bare. So, I headed to Michaels, naturally.

I picked up some brown paper tags, similar to these…


I also grabbed some gray and white twine like this…


And, finally, some red “Made with Love” washi tape like this…


I plan on running the washi tape around the top of the box about an inch down, then placing a tag on the front (short side with round hole) with the twine tucked into the tape. Does that make sense? 

I’ll be officially moving in next week so I’ll be able to start working on these projects. Stay tuned for project pics. 


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