Best tips for a close shave


Still shaving in the shower? Or worse, after you’re completely dressed with your legs thrown over the side of the tub??

Hate the feeling of razor burn and those little red bumps?

Wonder why the hair grows back in what seems like hours after you’ve spent all that time shaving? Or why your legs feel rough afterwards?

Well, brace yourself…you’re not doing it right. 

Sure, it seems like you should just run the razor over your skin and voila smooth legs. But, we all know it’s not that easy. Don’t fret. To get it right, you only need a few more seconds and just a few more steps. 

  • Open those pores: You can’t just take a razor to body temp legs and think that it’s going to be able to get into the follicle to pull it out. So, before you even pick up the razor stand under super hot water (as hot as you can stand…don’t burn yourself) and allow the heat and steam to naturally open your pores. Alternatively, you can do all of this in the bath. Again, use hot water and give your follicles a minute to open up.
  • Exfoliate: exfoliating simply removes the top layer of skin. So, you can imagine how that would prep your leggies for a closer shave. I love sugar scrubs because they are all natural, inexpensive (or easy to make), and smell delicious. I just grab a glob with my fingertips and rub vigorously until it all melts away. 
  • Use a fresh razor: Razors only last so long. I know they are expensive and it is a delicate balance between being wasteful and having great looking legs. But, using a fresh razor will give you the closest shave possible. 
  • Moisturize: seal up those follicles with a great moisturizer. I’m not talking about some watered-down oily mess. I’m talking a thick, lush lotion like body butter. 

And, that’s it. Just four easy steps to smooth legs that last for days and look just like the magazines.

Have more tips for me? Leave them in the comments or on twitter. Let me know if you’d like for me to list the exact products I use!


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