Help me DIY a duvet cover


I live at the beach…in South Carolina to be exact. Summers here are hot, sticky, humid, and all around gross. It’s so humid here, the indoors feel muggy. It’s so hot it never cools at night. And, for whatever reason, I’ve been sleeping under a full on comforter my whole life. Why? I honestly have no idea. I guess I just never knew any other way…until now.

I’ve recently been introduced to the concept of using a quilt or light blanket and a top sheet for most of the night with a duvet and a cover at your feet. I’ve been fine sleeping under just the quilt but a couple of times, I have needed the heavier blanket to get warm.

Not to mention, the look of the bed made with the quilt and top sheet pulled tight with the duvet folded in half at the foot is just so chic and lush!

So, needless to say, I want my new bed to be dressed this way. The only problem is, the duvets I love are upwards of $200. What??? They are no more than a gigantic pillow case. With that said, I’m taking on the task of making my own. 

After scouring my favorite online store for pretty, floral, girly, but modern fabrics — Hawthorne Threads — I’m getting exciting. I was hoping to find one or two home decorator weight fabrics that would suit my taste, so imagine the glee when I found eight! Yes, eight! 

Let’s window shop…


Top Row:

  1. Valori Wells Finnelopy in Curry $13.95
  2. Joel Dewberry Dahlia in Forest Not available until September.
  3. Dena Fishbein Medallion in Orange
Middle Row:
  1. Valori Wells Floral Birds in Garden Fresh $9.95 (marked down from $15.95)
  2. Amy Butler Floral Couture in Charcoal $13.95
Bottom Row:
  1. Joel Dewberry Kaleidoscope in Pink $13.95
  2. Amy Butler Treasure Box in Charcoal $13.95
  3. Dear Stella Stella-Linen104 in Charcoal $10.95

And, this is where you come in! I need your help! Which of the above fabrics would make the perfect duvet. My bed is white-ish…antique white and there is a light beige carpet in the room. The walls are also a light beige – just very-renter friendly blah, blah boring.

I’ll need about five yards for a queen duvet (Mine only needs to be 86 inches long and I’ll have some left over for some shams), so price is important but not a huge deal since even the most expensive fabric above will only put me back about $70…a far cry from retail prices.

So, place your vote. Leave it in the comments below or tweet me your fav on twitter!


What do you think?

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