Review: Headband Curls


You may have seen the no-heat way of getting voluminous, lovely curls overnight by using a good ole headband. Here they are on Pinterest

…and on YouTube.

I decided I would give it a try one night when I knew I had no where to go in the morning…(just in case!). I would say I followed the YouTube instructions more so than the Pinterest infographic. Here’s how it went…

Got the curls in my headband!

The next morning! Eek!!

Right after taking out the headband. Meh.

I ended up having a weird halo of frizz around all of the curls. I had to whip out my curling iron and recurl the frizz so it blended more with the curls underneath. This step, to me, defeats the whole purpose of Headband Curls since it requires effort in the morning and applying heat to your hair. But, after some restyling…

I had a pretty head of curls I was actually happy with. 

**PS: I also had some lovely indentions on my forehead from where the headband rested all night. It took hours for them to fade away. Not cute.**

And, by the end of the day…

They were gone. Boo. 

All in all the process of putting the curls in the head band was super easy. I didn’t twist them before putting them in like Pinterest suggests, so maybe that would help with the frizz. But, the amount of effort that went in to getting the curls like I liked them in the morning was equivalent to the effort that I’d put into creating curls from the beginning with my curling iron. So, in that respect, this is not worth it to me. Especially since heat-set curls actually last the whole day and don’t fall out after a few hours. 

But, you know me. I’ll give this a go with a few tweaks to test out alternative methods. First, I’ll try twisting. I also might try adding product like spray gel, hairspray, or an anti-frizz serum before putting the hair in the headband. 

Do you have any ideas as to how to get them to come out smooth like Pinterest and last all day?


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