I love when support forms actually work!


As you might know, I don’t have cable. Last year (2012) I got fed up with the piss poor customer service and the outrageous bills…for what?! Something to occupy my time. Don’t get me wrong, I watched a ton of TV. It was a.l.w.a.y.s. on. But, I didn’t need it. I knew that. So, I cancelled my account, bought rabbit ears and invested in Netflix. 

After a year, I was really surprised at how little I cared about the shows and people that I thought I couldn’t live without. But, there were those few shows that I truly missed. Namely, my favorites from HGTV and The Food Network (Income Property, Sarah’s House, Giada at Home, etc). So, when I got my new-to-me iPad for Christmas, I was thrilled to see that both stations had an app where they played full episodes. Woot. I quickly downloaded them both and settled in for an episode of Income Property.

To my dismay, the video was playing, but there was no sound. What? Certainly, they don’t expect for the app to work that way. I went back to the app store and saw that others were giving the app bad reviews for this same issue. Ugh. I thought I’d throw a hail mary and send an email to the support team. I’ve written to these things before and never heard a word back, so I didn’t put much effort into it. It read: “There’s no audio! What can I do to be able to hear the shows.” 

And, wouldn’t you know, three days later, a reply!

Good morning,

Thank you for being a valued fan of HGTV!

With iOS 4, 5, and 6, Apple changed the little button next to the volume to be a mute button like it is on the iPhone. The orientation lock is now handled in software (double click the home button and then swipe left).  Try sliding the button up or slide towards you (located above the volume controls) and let us know if it solves the problem you are experiencing with no sound through the app. Below is a link for your reference.


If this doesn’t resolve your issue, go to “general settings” and confirm that the side switch is set from rotation to mute.

Thank you again!

Best regards,

Scripps Networks Interactive Customer Service

And, they were right. All I had to do was flip the little switch by the volume and voila!…the sound was pumping! 

So, to pay it back, I replied to let them know about the unnecessary negative comments on the app and suggested they publish this helpful info publicly in case others don’t take the initiative and write to support.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to watch my favorite shows again. Here’s to a cable-free life and full episodes on the iPad!


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