DIY Beauty Treatments reviewed


With all this free time on my hands from the holiday, I got a little antsy. OK…I got down right crazy. I decided I would do a whole home-made beauty thing and dove in head first…almost literally. 

First up, was a hair treatment that was supposed to improve shine, increase moisture and volume, and speed up hair growth. It involved mixing up egg yolks with olive oil and water and saturating my hair with it. Ga-ross! It was a huge mess and smelled so freaking bad. I had to wrap my hair in a plastic bag and wait 20 whole minutes. I could barely stand myself. But, sometimes we do crazy things in the name of beauty. Well, that notion quickly died when I washed my hair and styled it. Barely a change. If anything, I noticed some extra bounce, but that was about it. I won’t be doing this again anytime soon, but I did see something about how mayonnaise was a great home treatment.


Mostly to take my mind off the stench coming from the top of my head, I decided a nice face scrub was in order. Pinterest swore this would leave my skin looking like I’d just spent hundreds on a profesh microdermabrasion. Heh. All it consisted of was mixing up some baking soda and water and rubbing that on my face in small circles. Easy enough…until it started to burn. Yup, burn – Nothing tortuous, just very uncomfortable. As the burning subsided, (that was a good thing, right?) itching took over. You’re supposed to keep the mixture on your face for five minutes. I might have lasted three. I couldn’t jump in the shower to rinse my face (and wash my hair) fast enough. The result? Irritated skin around my jaw line and the same dullness…no fooling any microdermabrasion administrators for me. I will say though that my skin did feel pretty soft and supple after moisturizing. I’ll probably try this again…just because I like to torture myself. 


What do you think?

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