Style me: cheetah print pencil skirt


Stopped into the trusty Goodwill yesterday looking for a shirt I could use for my Anchor Sweater DIY. I spotted this Cheetah print skirt from two racks away and made a bee-line praying it was somewhat close to my size and free of any obvious holes and stains. Score! It’s in perfect condition. The waist was an eensy bit too tight, but I knew my seam ripper, sewing machine, and some time on the treadmill could fix that right up.

When I got it home, I ended up letting out the waist on the side seams and the entire hem…it was a little too short for a 2012 pencil skirt. Since, animal print can go 80’s or trashy really quick, I wanted to make sure I had the most lady-like length. 

Now, it’s ready to style! Here are some of my favorite looks for a cheetah pencil skirt…

Black and Blond One: Five Ways to Wear A Leopard Print Skirt. Love the “Lindsay” look (natch) and since emerald green has offish been named THE color of 2013, the “classic” look also caught my eye. 

Erica Bunker: Inspired by Pinterest Denim Shirt + Cheetah skirt. Erica quickly became one of my favorite sewing bloggers because unlike most at-home seamstresses (no offense) Erica has a serious eye for style. This outfit is no exception. Chambray and cheetah maybe isn’t something I would have thought of at first, but it makes so much sense now!

Loft. Loft’s cheetah print hints more toward the grey’s than mine which is notably more brown, but I love that they paired it with a lady like, flow-y top in a bright color. 

All of these outfits will be paired with a neutral shoe (black, brown, or nude) as nothing should really try to compete with the print…unless of course, that’s your thing, then go for it! 


What do you think?

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