Today will be the last day I cry over the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I can no longer absorb any more emotion from Friday’s tragic events. Physically, I can’t give evil another second.

I will always hold each of the victims in my heart and pray for their families that they will be able to grieve and mourn in peace. I pray the media will finally subside and the inane curiosity about this unfortunate and devastating incident will die down. Discussions that stem from this — gun control, mental illness, school safety, etc — will be an important take away, but I cannot give in to the sensationalization of the emotion any longer.

We’ve all grieved together, we’ve all given the emotion a chance to work, now it’s time to step away and let the real victims work to find peace in their own hearts without our watchful eyes. No matter how well intended our efforts as a society may be, there is always a time to step back. 

That time, for me, is now. 


What do you think?

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