Sewing Refashion: My Boyfriend’s Shirt…literally


My Boyfriend’s Shirt!

Made from a man’s dress shirt, it’s just like a mullet. Structured (business) in the front, girly (party) in the back. I love it, but it was a doozy. Read on to see how I made it, why I threw the first one away, and some tips for next time.

So hasn’t everyone and their mother’s brother’s cousin’s cat’s uncle seen this photo floating around the internet? 

It’s been on my Pinterest feed since I got my Pinterest account. I just keep seeing it. The caption always read “made from a men’s dress shirt…I need to learn to sew.” So, now that I’m sewing, I thought I would give it a whirl.

The first attempt, I was doing everything right. I went to the Goodwill to find a shirt that had that little pleat in the back. See it? The one that makes the vertical band down the center. Yea, that comes with some men’s shirts. Turns out, it’s harder to find those guys in a cute fabric than you’d think. Anyway, I came home with a pretty blue gingham one and set off to make the shirt. 

The Pin only links to a Tumblr account (bad pinners) so I had to kind of wing it.

I thought I could just free hand the cut for the back and just loop it around the front to make the arm holes. Except, I cut waaaaay to much off the front. It looked like one of those shirts you see the muscle men wearing so all their pecs will show on the beach. 

I tried to make it work, but there was just no way. You can add the fabric back after you cut it off (valuable lesson there).

So, I was determined, but it was late and I had a better idea and I just needed a shirt fast. So, I went to the closet, grabbed one of my boyfriend’s shirts and went back to work. (he didn’t mind, thankfully)

This time I took a racer back shirt that I liked the fit of. I stretched the dress shirt on the ironing boards square end, then the tank over that. Then I drew the lines from there. I cut 1/2 inch wider than where my lines were drawn to allow for seam allowances and carried on as you would think. 

With shirt on and buttoned, pin/mark along your sides keeping the racer and the buttons centered and even.

Unbutton shirt, mark 1/2 from pins to allow for seam allowances.

Sew right sides together along your new mark.

Finish arm holes with 1/2 inch single fold bias tape. Google instructions for that and you’ll find someone who can explain it far better than me.

Now, since my boyfriend’s shirt didn’t have the handy pleat I decided to veer from the original a little. I just made a bunch of ruffles, lined them up and sewed them horizontally. 

Et voila! A cute fitted dress shirt for me made from my Boyfriend’s Shirt. I don’t know what makes it more special…all the ruffles or the fact that it’s his. Awww. 

I’m going to venture out to make the exact one from all the Pins soon, but just wanted to show ya’ll how the basics shape of it is done. 



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