Saying No to College –


People are being conned into thinking that this credential is the one thing you need to do better in life,

I have long doubted my own experiences at college and whether or not they really “taught” me what I needed to succeed. And, thankfully, it seems that more and more people are thinking twice about it, too.

I’m not honestly in love with the romance that this article highlights referencing the technology industry. To me, that’s a lot like signing up for American Idol or heading to L.A. in hopes of becoming Jennifer Aniston. Dropping out of college shouldn’t be with starry-eyes or unrealistic dreams.

Instead, it should be a part of a bigger plan. You can’t graduate from college and just be a bum in your parent’s basement. I don’t support that either. I think that too many high schoolers are being force-fed the idea of college when it’s just not right for them. Many of those students are judged if they don’t report the college they’re attending as their senior year comes to an end. It’s hard to stand up to the ideals that have been put in place by everyone that’s come before you. But, you have to know yourself and you have to know what your gut is telling you.

My advice is for the high schools…instead of focussing so much on the SAT and college prep spend some time getting to know each student and work with them to help them decide what’s best…even if that plan doesn’t include college or (more accurately) bettering your stats.


What do you think?

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