Look what I did to these FUGLY shorts!


So, I’ve been seeing a lot of slogs lately (that’s short for sewing blogs, get it?! anyway…) that have boasted about refashioning Good Will clothes. We’re talking straight up muumuu’s to super cute date-night dresses. I thought to myself, that’s really brilliant. Most of the hard work is done for you and you just reshape it to be something much more modern.

So, I challenged myself. Actually, no I didn’t. I whimped out and opted for shorts since this tutorial I found made it sound so simple.

I bought these hideous mom shorts for $3.95. I had to weed through a lot more hideous things to find them all the while listening to an employee talking to himself about shooting things which was weird. But, isn’t that part of the Good Will allure?

Anyway, here they are on. Totally fashion-forward knee-length high-rise walking shorts. Yuk! But, with a lot of seam ripping, which is so much fun in and of itself, and two straight stitches, I have this:

A totally adorable, seer sucker pencil skirt. Note, the cuffed hem, pockets, and belt loops…none of which I’d be able to make on my own in my beginner status as a seamstress. But, ripping seams and sewing straight lines I’m all over. 

Can’t wait to wear it out with a basic white tee! Or even better a vintage pink tee. Oh, yea, baby! LOVE REFASHIONING! I see why the sloggers are so obsessed!



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