Good Will brocade jacket to modern shorts sewing refashion


I was totally inspired by this Trash To Couture post…as I am with most of her stuff. I mean, seriously…

She’s a refashioning genius!

I thought the shorts post might be a little difficult for me. After all, I’ve really only been sewing for a few weeks. But, I thought through it in my head over and over and over again and decided I would go for it. 

I stopped by the local Good Will and found this gem for $3.75.

It’s a garnet/burgundy, black, and silver brocade type jacket. It zips up the middle and has two little pockets on the side. 

And…I turned it into this:

Eek! I know! I’m really proud of them. It’s hard to see all the detail I put in them in this picture, so let’s go over some highlights…

There was an inner lining type thing on each side of the zipper. I used it (and the finished satin edge) for the waistband.

I shortened the looooong zipper with this neat trick from Make It and Love It and it was installed in the back seam.

The front panels and their pockets were turned sideways and became small pockets on the front of the short. Neat huh? Yea. I was pretty proud of that one. 😉

The arms became the backside. I have the entire back panel left over. That amazed me. I’m saving it for God knows what. You never know, right?!

I hope you like them as much as me. I want to find (or make) a more billowy black top in a light linen to balance out the heaviness of the brocade.

In case you’re wondering, I picked up three other dresses while at Good Will. All of them unabashedly 80’s! I can’t wait to get my hands on them, too!



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