Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner Review


Remember the sample bag that Target sent me? 

Yup. That one. I already reviewed the Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer and I was able to try out another fantastic product…the Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I’m actually not a stranger to the Fekkai brand. I swore by their curl cream back when I was in college. But, I stopped styling my hair that way and lost touch with the brand. I’ve seen them from time to time in the aisles of Target or Walmart, but couldn’t fathom spending that much on shampoo. In fact, I admit, I don’t treat my hair very well in that regard at all. So, when I saw the sample, I couldn’t wait to see what all the hype…and the price tag was all about.

Let’s start with the shampoo. There are really two things I look for in a shampoo. One is it must smell good and the other is that it must lather up like nobody’s business. I know that neither of these are indicators that the ‘poo (can we call it that?) is any good for my hair as even the cheapest of ‘poos fall into both of these categories. But, those are my rules. 

The Fekkai Glossing ‘poo does smell good, but in a faint sort of way. It’s not one of those scents that fills the shower. It’s not perfumey. It just smells nice. The formula was actually kind of weird. It was thick. I had to check the package over and over again to make sure I had opened the shampoo and not the conditioner by mistake. It was that thick. Like pancake batter thick. I wondered how it would lather up. It didn’t really. I had to really coax it to get any sort of lather adding more water to help it along. That was a bummer.

If I was confused by the viscosity of the ‘poo, the ‘ditioner was worse. Unlike the shampoo, it was really runny. But, it did leave my hair feeling silky and smooth so that was nice.

The Glossing formula claims to give your hair a gorgeous shine. The shampoo and conditioner smooth and moisturize your hair without weighing it down. I can’t really imagine that anyone would be able to get a good handle on weather or not this is actually the case after one treatment. I know I couldn’t. Both the ‘poo and the ‘ditioner are “infused with pure olive oil” which I know is a god send for dry hair so I’m guessing that over time this would actually improve the texture of your hair. I just couldn’t tell from the sample I was given. 

Now, for the real deal. Would I spend actual hard-earned cash on this? Probably not. They have a combo pack at Target that includes the Shampoo (4 oz), Conditioner (4 oz), and a Cream (2 oz; not included in my sample pack) for $25. I’m all for “designer” beauty products but this seems to give too little for too much. 

But, I want to know what you think. Have you used the Glossing line for an extended period of time? Or even just more than once? Did you think it was worth the price tag?



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