Easiest and Most Delicious Cashew Chicken Ever!


I regularly get cravings for Chinese food. My boyfriend and I are regulars at P.F. Chang’s — I’m always up for some Dan Dan Noodles. But, when he’s not around, I’m on my own.

For whatever reason, I’ve never really tackled making Chinese food at home because a lot of the ingredients are foreign and I’m honestly not the hugest fan of rice. But, today after watching a segment on The Chew, I had to get my fix.

Ming Tsai is a renowned Chinese chef and he threw together a Cashew Chicken dish that looked too easy. I didn’t have the video and my memory couldn’t totally recount how he made it, but I recalled enough to whip together my own version. 

Here’s how I did it…


White Rice (I used Uncle Ben’s :90 White Rice)
Oil (I used Veggie)
Cashews (salted)
Cayenne Pepper 
Chicken Breast (1 cup, cut into 1/2” cubes, seasoned with S&P) 
1/2 Onion (diced)
1/2 Red Bell Pepper (diced)
1/2 Jalepeno (thinly sliced)
Oyster Sauce (found in the Asian section of your food store)
Salt and Pepper

Start by preheating your skillet. You want one that’s very large and very, very hot.

Pour a splash of oil in the skillet, Toss in a couple of handfulls of cashews. Toss the nuts in the oil to coat. Making sure the nuts are constantly moving toast them for a few seconds more. Remove the nuts when you can smell them. It happens really fast. You won’t need to cook them more than :30. Place the nuts in a seperate bowl, add a pinch of Cayenne, and a swirl (or three) of honey. Stir and set aside.

With the pan still piping hot, add another spash of oil, then the Chicken. Cook the chicken through…maybe 5-8 mins. Place cooked chicken on a separate plate and set aside.

Again, with a super hot pan, add another splash of oil and throw in your onions and sprinke with salt. Cook until starting to soften. Then, add both the red pepper and the jalepenos. Cook these together until all are soft.

Add back in the chicken including the juicy drippings that seeped out while they were resting. Also add back in the nuts. Toss this entire mixutre with a dollop of the Oyster Sauce. This stuff is super thick and a little goes a long way. I probably only used a heaping tablespoon and it was plenty. Stir the mixture and heat the sauce through.

Serve mixture atop a pile of your white rice.

That’s it. Seriously, it couldn’t be more delicious. This was enough for two, but naturally I gobbled up both servings by myself. Whoops! 

Hope you enjoy!


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