Dress to peplum top refashion


I dropped into Ross today. All I really needed was hangers, but I couldn’t resist perusing the racks for just a second. I like Ross. Correction, I like the Ross near my house. I’ve been to many Ross’ before, but this one is clean, it’s organized and it’s easy to shop. And, although Ross is known for low, low prices, I never buy anything there that’s full price. I ONLY shop the clearance section so I know I’m getting the absolute best prices available. And, more often than not, I can find something for dirt cheap which makes me very, very happy.

But, as with most gems in any clearance section, they aren’t always perfect for you. The straps are too long, the garment is simply too big, or it’s got some really weird ruffle that you can’t explain. Enter my new sewing skills. I’ve taken in a handfull of dresses, adjusted some straps, and ripped off those odd ruffles. 

But, today, I fell in love with a dress that actually fit pretty good. Yet, I ripped it up anyway. I really couldn’t resist. It was cute in it’s original form, but I knew I could make it special with a few quick stitches. 

Et, viola!

The dress in it’s original form was your basic sheath. Something like this. Sorry, I didn’t take a before pic. I was just too excited to get started. 

To transform it into my new peplum, I simply folded the dresses hem up to a normal shirt length. Cut, Sewed a new hem there. Used the section I cut and sewed it (right sides together and raw edges facing toward the new shirt hem) all around the existing empire waist. Easy peasy. 

If you’d like more detailed instructions, just ask. But, this peplum tutorial should do a better job. She has photos afterall! 🙂 

The dress had a kick pleat in the back. Or is it a vent. I don’t really know the difference. Do you? It’s that slit in the back so that your legs can move in tighter fitting dresses. Anyway, I decided to incorporate that thing in to my peplum. It’s a neat detail you don’t see all the time, or ever, but I thought it was cool. So, don’t be deterred at your next Ross trip. A dress with pleats, ruffles, or cutouts (ooh!) would make for a super cute peplum!

Can’t wait to wear my new shirt. Oh, btw, this cost me $10. And, I have a fun fabric wrapped belt to play around with, too! (not pictured) Can’t beat it!


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