DIY Statement Necklace Tutorial Review


I make a lot of things by hand…clothes, artwork, dinner…my bed. Ha! Kidding. Seriously though, I’m a pretty serious crafter. I’m always working on something with my hands and thinking about working on something else in my head. It keeps me up at night sometimes. That’s sad, I know.

But, thankfully, there’s Pinterest to help foster my creativity and broaden my crafting horizons. I’ve actually made a lot of the things I’ve pinned to my Be Crafty board…successfully, I might add. But, those darn online tutorials. I swear, sometimes they’re written in Greek.

So, I thought I’d post some of my project-making journey here so you could see how easy (or not so easy) it can be. 

Case Number One: How To Make a Statement Necklace by Making It Lovely.

See? Lovely, indeed. 

So, I headed off to my local craft store to pick up the (seemingly) simple supplies. She did a pretty good job of explaining what you’d need, but quantities were missing which threw me off a bunch. I figured she just meant one package of whatever she listed, but I was wrong. I got way to much chain, not enough crimping beads (which upon futher inspection I realized she also used as spacers between the beads), and enough beads to make three necklaces, probably. I wished there was some clarification there. But, either way, after one additional trip to Michaels to make returns and buy more clasps, I was on my way. 

The instructions were stupid simple to follow. The photos were great and very helpful for some of the intricate parts like attaching clasps, crimping beads, etc. 

Turned out pretty good right? Clearly (get it?) I took some creative liberty with the color of the beads. Mostly because I wanted my necklace to be more versatile, but also because I couldn’t find the jade ones in three sizes. 

However, two strands of my necklace have already fallen apart! Boo hiss! 

I understand that this probably has little to do with the tutorial and more to do with my n00b jewelry making status, but still! Thank goodness the spillage (and it’s a real mess) happened during the “beta testing” of my new necklace and not actually out at dinner or something. Beads, beads, everywhere! 

I think that I hadn’t clamped the crimping beads tight enough, or got the wrong wire…it seems awefully slippery. But, I’m going to hope for the best from here on out. 

Have any of you tried to make this necklace yet? Any advice on keeping the crimping beads clamped tight on the wire and not letting it slip out?



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