Basic Bodice Design Series…for grown-ups!



I’ve really been inspired by my Built by Wendy: Dresses book. It’s changed the way I think about making clothes…for the better. Before, every pattern or design always seemed so daunting. I couldn’t see that most of the pieces I was making all started from one basic pattern with small adjustments made to change the overall look. 

[Read a review I wrote about this pattern book for work. Yup…work!]

So, with my new outlook on clothes, I’m much more open to trying things on my own without a pattern…or with a pattern, just not all the confusing steps. I’ve been looking for another way to test my skills when I stumbled upon a great series thought up by iCandy Handmade. 

She got together a few of her favorite kiddie clothes bloggers to do a Basic Bodice Design Series. It’s brills. Every blogger starts with a basic bodice and makes minor changes to the pattern to create a whole new look. Amazingly, each of the pieces ends up looking so different. But, like I said…kids clothes. Wah. 

But, I remembered a great shirt pattern I bought (at Wal-mart of all places) that was simple and fit great on the first try. It was one of the first things I’ve ever made. And, I thought, why couldn’t I use my bodice piece with the Basic Bodice Design Series tutorials to make the pieces to fit me? 

There’s 11 different variations covered in the series and I can’t wait to get started. Stay tuned for pics and updates. I haven’t had the best track record with online tutorials, but I’ll hopefully be able to decipher what to do.

First up, this adorable On The Bias Striped Bias Dress


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